We feature three special campsites— Nona’s, The Cedars, and Mountain View.

   When you stay at Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast, you’ll enjoy a secluded home in the woods with everything you need to make your stay unforgettable. In addition to our snug and comfy canvas walled tent cabins, each camping site includes …
• Your own screened camp kitchen with antique functional hand pump for water, a propane stove, and lots of cookware.
• An airy, cozy outhouse complete with candles and plenty of reading material. It’s all natural, completely sanitary, and smells as fresh and clean as all outdoors.

• Outdoor shower (yes, the water’s heated) with towels and amenities.
• Your own thoughtfully-furnished campsite with fire pit, camp furniture, citronella torches and candles to keep the bugs at bay, and more. If you call ahead, we’ll even light the fire for you.

All tent sites feature a wall tent on raised wood platform, enclosed camp kitchen, outhouse, and picnic table.

Our comfy tents have a wood-burning stove for chilly nights, and screen walls for lazy afternoons.

The tent walls roll up to reveal a screen that keeps out the bugs and lets in the breeze. Ahhhh, that's better.

All tent sites feature a wall tent on raised wood platform, enclosed camp kitchen, outhouse, and picnic table.

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When you stay with us, you’ll enjoy a hot homemade breakfast each morning at the homestead. You’ll also get to see real live homesteaders in our native habitat.
   The tent & breakfast is owned and operated by Tim & Christine Dick.

   We built our homestead from scratch beginning in 1992. Beginning with the garage that originally served as our home, you’ll enjoy seeing the house we later built, as well as our garden and the animals that provide for our needs (and yours).
   Our homestead is powered by the sun—and by a generator when the sun doesn’t shine. We grow most of our food
and either make or barter for many of our implements, and generally make do on a lot less money than most people consider necessary. But we’re happy, and we’ll bet that staying with us, you will be too.

   I f you wish, we’ll provide advice on gardening, homesteading, animal raising (this is a working farm), off-grid living, and simple living in general. In season, you might even get to pick some of your lunch or dinner out of the garden. You’ll be surprised at how much better the real stuff tastes.

We're a real homestead out here.

Rachel enjoys fresh-picked strawberries.

Like Mary's cookies, most of our food is homemade.

We're a real homestead out here.


Folks are attracted to north Idaho’s rich natural beauty, and we think that around here we have more than our fair share of it. Local attractions include ...
   • Wildlife, including deer, elk, moose, eagles, owls, and numerous smaller birds, fish, and critters.
  • Scotchman Peak (visible from Mountain View campsite), the highest peak in Bonner County. This is a strenuous climb but definitely worth it!
• Clark Fork River delta and Johnson Creek inlet, with dozens of islands and quiet water channels, throngs of birds and an occasional moose, all nestled between the towering Bitterroot mountains on the south and Cabinet mountains on the north.

• Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho’s largest and deepest lake, just 20 minutes down the road.

• Ross Creek Cedars, up the road about 30 minutes. Some of the largest trees in Montana live here, in a quiet dell that could be a fantasy movie set.
• Sandpoint, the county seat and nearest big town, just 45 minutes away. Enjoy downtown shopping, restaurants, watersports, City Beach, and much more.
• We’re just 75 minutes from Silverwood, the Northwest’s largest theme park, and an easy half day’s drive from Glacier National Park.

Trestle Creek Swimming area on Lake Pend Oreille is only 35 minutes away.

If you're lucky, you may see one of the moose that frequent our woods.

Mary with some friends at the top of Scotchman Peak.

Trestle Creek Swimming area on Lake Pend Oreille is only 35 minutes away.

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North Idaho vacation rentals in Idaho magazine
North Idaho vacation rentals in Backwoods Home magazine
North Idaho vacation rentals in Country LIving magazine
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You and I both know that we’ve got a great place here. But it’s nice to be recognized in regional and national publications like the ones shown here.


My 3 sisters and I stayed at Huckleberry in July 2012. We were so taken in how beautiful the campsites were! Everything that we could possible need was there. All we had to do is buy a few groceries. Our hosts Tim and Christine were so friendly and welcoming it was like we were part of their family for the weekend. The breakfasts that were prepared for us were SO yummy! The whole experience is one we will never forget and would love to go back. If you get a chance...I would recommend staying there. You won't be disappointed!
McCammon, Idaho


“Fantastic, romantic anniversary spot”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 21, 2012
A few months ago, my mother-in-law pointed my wife and I to a website she had found for this place. We had never tried anything like it, but love to camp and decided to try it for the concept. Wow! What a good decision! I have to say, this place is a gem, from the owning family's hospitality to the garden (loved the kohlrabi, snap peas and fresh herbs), to the leisurely breakfast and coffee with the other guests. We will definitely be back, and back, and back.......and will recommend it to all our friends.
Spokane, Washington


“Go back in time and relax!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed March 5, 2012

During our stay I celebrated a birthday. On that day down the trail come two darling children with birthday cupcakes cakes and handpicked flowers.

They wore big smiles and sang to me. My heart melted. We had not been camping in many years and this place is perfect especially if you do not want to really ruff it. The owners have thought of everything that you could ever want even flowers and magazines in your little private outhouse. This is the perfect place to come if you really want to leave the world behind. I could go on and on!
Colville, Washington


"Restful getaway”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 3, 2010

We were looking for a place to getaway from everything and relax after doing the Ironman in Coeur D'Alene. This definitely lived up to that expectation, we had peace and quiet, a beautiful view, and a delicious breakfast every morning, the family even let us pick vegetables from their garden that we used to cook dinner. A wonderful little getaway from the hustle and bustle of life.
Cincinnati, Ohio



“Camping in comfort!!”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 21, 2008

We love to camp and with new luggage restrictions, it's a pain to fly with our gear. This provided the perfect solution - plus, what could be better than enjoying a campfire cooked feast and then sleeping it off in a REAL bed?
OK - so it's "cheating" a little, but it's private, beautiful, and the owners are a delight. Beds are comfy, outhouses are spotless (and smell that way, too) and pumping and heating water for my

shower made me acutely aware of how much water I waste. If an outdoor 5 gallon shower isn't your thing, you can take one in the house, where you'll also get a great breakfast, and entertaining (and for us, staggeringly educational) conversations with the owners. I cannot recommend this place enough!
Chicago, Illinois


"Loved it! We had an amazing weekend."
Left on 05/01/2012 for a stay in June 2009

I came across Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast when I was planning some camping trips for the summer. I had never heard of anything like it, and thought it would be something fun to try. My husband and I and our dog spent the weekend at the Mountain View tent, and we had an amazing time. The tents are cozy and quaint (and warm with the cute little wood stove inside). I really appreciated that we were able to bring our dog with us as he is getting old and it was nice to be able to bring him to a place where he could just relax. We had a delicious breakfast each morning and spent the day paddling the lake and exploring the surrounding area. In the early morning we were able to see the resident moose that apparently hangs out at the small lake that was next to our site. Christine and her family were so welcoming and friendly, we had a great time chatting with them on our way out. My husband and I had such a great time that we gave my parents a gift certificate for a weekend at Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast this summer, for their anniversary. I know they'll have a great time. If you are looking for a quiet, romantic, outdoor getaway for the weekend, this place is it. I can't wait to go back.
Moscow, Idaho

The best part of running Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast​

is living here and enjoying the genuine homestead lifestyle. The second best part is you—our guests.

On this page, take a look around our neighborhood. Then see what the press has to say about us—and our guests too. Take your time on this page—there’s a lot to see. Enjoy yourself. It’s the next best thing to being here.

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